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New release!

Its been a long while coming, but I finally got around to re-writing diction. The new release features:

  • new graphics
  • better performance
  • online leaderboards and achievements
  • local 5 score leaderboards
  • 9 themes
  • 4 game modes (Classic, Arcade, Time Attack and Fixed)
  • A choice of game durations
  • No adverts or in app purchases

Get it in the Play Store now!

A bit about Diction
Diction is a fast paced word finding game combining aspects of Boggle and Scrabble. Your aim is to find as many words as you can before the time runs out.
You can customize your game by picking from the 4 different game types, 6 different board sizes and 9 different themes!


  • In classic mode each tile you use scores you 1 point. Try to remove as many tiles in a minute as you can but be careful not to run out of vowels!
  • Arcade mode adds scrabble style weighted scores (‘Z’ gets more points than ‘E’) and bonus tiles to earn score multipliers and time bonuses.
  • Time attack mode rewards you with additional time every time you make a new word – longer words earn you much more time than short ones, so try to avoid just playing 3 letter words.
  • Fixed mode is like Boggle, tiles are no longer removed after you make a word and duplicate words are not scored.

Diction review by YourSphere

Diction has been rated suitable for all ages by YourSphere.

At first glance, Diction seems like every other word tile game currently for sale on the Google Play Store (Android phones only). Yet, unlike the others, its appeal can be measured in hours, not minutes, plus, it’s free!

For the full click here.


YourSphere certified for all ages

Diction and DictionPro version 1.04 released

This update includes a new dictionary which has 175,000 words (previously the dictionary only contained 60,000 words).

The new dictionary includes words from the popular ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) word list.

Diction trailer now on YouTube

Diction Pro has been released

YourSphere suitable for all ages

Diction icon

Download Diction Pro from the Android play store now!

Diction Pro is a fast-paced word game. Make words of 3 or more letters by dragging your finger across the tile grid. When you make a word the letters disappear and more
fall in from the top of the screen. Make as many words as you can before the clock runs down.

You can play Diction Pro in 5 modes:

  • Classic: Each tile is worth 1 point. Clear as many tiles as you can before the time runs out.
  • Arcade: Tiles have a weighted score depending on the difficulty of the letter (you get more points for a ‘z’ than an ‘e’). Some tiles have multiplier bonuses which you can use to double or triple the points you score for the word. Other tiles have time bonuses. You can combine bonuses for extra time and points.
  • Time Attack: Each tile is worth 1 point. You get additional time for each word you make. The longer the word, the more time you get.
  • Puzzle: No additional tiles are added to the grid. You win by clearing the entire grid. Before the puzzle starts you are shown a selection of words which are available in the puzzle, however you may need to cause some tiles to fall down to a lower level before a word is possible.
  • Fixed: The tiles in the grid are fixed, so they do not disappear when you make a word. You score more points for longer words. No duplicate words are allowed.

You can try the ad-supported version of Diction for free but you will be missing out on the additional features of Diction Pro:

  • No adverts.
  • Support for portrait or landscape mode.
  • The tile grid can be bigger (up to 9×9).
  • There is an additional Fixed grid mode.

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